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RIDA Study: Study Concluded Successfully
Retinal Digital Image Analysis Study
New England Journal of Medicine.368(22):2094-2104.
Eye 30:577-581.
Eye 32:74-80. - The Child Vision Research Society:
Biennial meeting of scientific and clinical researchers in the field of child vision. Next meeting 2021.
RetVas Limited - RetVas:
Online, automated digital retinal image analysis and diagnosis.
Basic Sciences for Ophthalmologists Course: Course Suspended
Biannual training and revision course for doctors preparing to take the FRCOphth part 1 examination.

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Global Image Database Access
and Remote Reading Studies

Quality Control

Image Grading and Measurement
London RetCam Databases
Philadelphia E-Screen Study Concluded Successfully
British Journal of Ophthalmology 95(10):1442-1445.
Demonstration E-Screen Database
Lima Study Concluded Successfully
Journal of the American Academy of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus 12(30):252-258.
RIDA/BOOST-II UK Study Concluded Successfully
New England Journal of Medicine.368(22):2094-2104.
Eye 30:577-581.
Eye 32:74-80.
Visual Field Report Viewer - Demonstration Software
A presentation system for Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field reports that allows report to be browsed by clinician immedately they are uploaded to a Zeiss Connect data repository.
This system is currently in use at a busy London hospital eye clinic with a database of 9,000 patients and over 42,000 individual reports.
This demonstration version contains about 6,000 redacted reports from 1200 anonymized individuals.
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