eScreen Database: Reader Guide

When you enter the database as a Reader, the server scans the database for exams which you have been assigned to read. These exams are presented in random order without their subject ID or date of exam.

The numbers on each exam are sequential for that set of exams and do not correspond to the subject, date of exam or it's date of arrival in the database.

When you click any of the queued exams you are taken to a reading page for that exam in which the images from the right and left eyes are presented either side of a reading form for you to complete.

Each image is linked to a larger version of that image. Click each image and form the opinions with which you will complete the reader report form.

Guidance for completing the form can be found in the link button "Reader Guidance Notes".

Next to this button is the "View Standard Image" button which produces the much-published example image of plus disease.

Each entry box on the rest of the form which has the word "Select" in it requires a response to be selected before the submit button at the bottom of the form is pressed. The only fields which do not require an entry are the Comments boxes at the bottom of each eye column - these can be used for any particular comments you wish to make about particular images or decisions you have made. You may use your keyboard TAB keys to move to the next selection box in the form (SHIFT-TAB to go to the previous box) and cursor arrow (up and down) keys to move between the sections available in each box.

When you have completed the form, selected a valid entry in each box and added any comments (optional), press the "submit" button. providing all entries are valid your report will be saved to the database and a text formatted version sent to the Study Coordinator. An additional copy will be sent to the Sysop as backup.

If there is a problem with the form, such as a missed entry, the acknowledgement page will direct you back to the form to fix the problem. Otherwise you will be advised that the report has been submitted successfully and you may use the "Go Back" button to return to the exam queue page or close the browser if you are finished.